Demand letters

Demand letters

Convincing someone to part with their money is never a simple task. But for personal injury settlements, medical malpractice claims, or any insurance claims, the fight becomes harder than ever.

Demand letters are vital tools that outline your claim, the proof that substantiates your claim, and put a number on the paper for everyone’s convenience in this arduous process. The demand letters from Medsum highlight all the facts about the injury and incident right from

● The date of injury,

● EHS report,

● Proof of liability,

● Details of past, current, and future medical treatment required

● Overview of the personal injury along with images

● Rehabilitation expenses

● Loss of income suffered because of temporary and permanent damage, lifestyle changes, and other precipitating factors

● Relevant law provisions to support the claim in both state and federal laws

Demand letters are a concise summary of all the facts and medical opinions a patient and their legal team have accumulated throughout the trial. Summarizing them in a letter with the settlement claim makes it conducive to handle these affairs via out-of-court settlement routes.

Why choose The Medsum for Demand letters?

Medsum is one of the top medical summary and other medico-legal service providers for all US clients and law firms. We have worked with the top names in the business across jurisdictions over the past few years.

This gives us a unique advantage to handle a wide variety of cases and use our practical knowledge to help our clients receive the justice they deserve.

With Medsum, you receive :

● A thorough review of the medical records and litigation-related documents to arrive at the correct settlement number.

● A team with strong medico-legal knowledge to find facts and instances to justify the claim being sought.

● An expedited legal process with our fast turnaround times

● Dedicated team to address all your queries and requirements with the utmost quality.

Save time, money, and valuable resources by handing over your summarization and demand letter assignments to Medsum.

With 100% confidentiality, a trusted expert network, and professional services, you will be at the receiving end of the best service you have ever experienced.

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