Deposition Summary

Depositions are indispensable in all insurance and medico-legal litigations. They are a vital part of the legal process and help speed things at the trial stage too. The only downside is they tend to be really long and filled with many bits of information that are of no use to the parties. Lawyers often have to take a long route to arrive at the vital piece of information. Transcribing such lengthy dispositions can be tedious and resource-draining for insurance and law firms.

Deposition contains important information that can help your case in the trial stage. You need an expert to carefully and meticulously go through the entire transcription, missing no detail.

Medsum provides accurate, concise, and meaningful summaries of the deposition transcripts that help you fight for your clients.

To get the best result and accurate deposition summary, you need a team that :

● Medico-legal terms with ease and can interpret them appropriately.

● Has good command of the English language

● Understands the nature of the claim well enough to create a tailored deposition summary by omitting the unnecessary information.

When you choose Medsum for deposition summaries, you can get this and more in spades. Our team can deliver

● Timely service

● Accurate deposition summaries verified and certified by our internal QA team

● Organized information from the deposition summary

● Highlighted data points that are beneficial to your litigation

Save money, resources, and your valuable time by enlisting Medsum for your deposition summaries. As a premier medical summary firm, we have worked with many law firms and insurance companies. We understand the workings of the industry and the value a good deposition summary holds for you and your client.

With 100% data security, confidentiality, and quality-assured service, Medsum is the partner you need.

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