Requesting medical records and bills

Processing a medical claim is a hard task. Especially when there is any doubt of malpractice or personal injury claims involved. In such cases, legal firms and insurance companies need all the information they can get to process such claims.

However, most of the time the medical records patients and processing companies receive from the healthcare providers are incomplete and missing key pieces of the puzzle. This also makes medical summarization of records incredibly hard.

Having understood this, Medsum works with the healthcare industry to ensure all records are received in complete conditions. We work with law firms, medical malpractice attorneys, insurance companies, and corporate legal departments to help them retrieve medical records with ease.

In the US healthcare industry, patients are entitled to their medical records whenever they need them. But most of us are unaware of the exact documents our attorneys, employers, and insurance providers need to help us process our claims.

Even in the preliminary stage, understanding the bureaucratic process and following up with different agencies can be tedious for corporate firms and patients who have a lot of other things to process as well.

By enlisting Medsum’s service, you can get a customized itemized list of documents to request from your healthcare provider to help your case.

Medsum also undertakes a complete audit of the project concerning the medical records available and the claim details to make a list of the missing documents. We also undertake medical record organization, indexing, and medical summaries to analyze the case in its entirety and identify missing medical records.

Medsum’s Medical records retrieval team can :

● Help process large volume medical records requests.

● Shorten the turnaround time by following a fail-proof systemic request process with regular follow-ups and reminders built-in

● Check the quality of records received with our internal QA team.

● Help with the administrative process of record and chart retrieval.

Fighting for what you deserve should not be hard.

Make processing your insurance claims, fighting your medical malpractice and personal injury settlement cases easier with our expert medical record retrieval services.

Our services are 100% confidential and HIPAA compliant. Your information is safe and secure with us with no compromise on quality, too.

Talk to us today for your medical records and medical chart retrieval requests.