File management Services

File management

Litigations in malpractice and personal injury settlements come with a lot of medical and administrative documents to sift through before anyone can make sense of it. For a law firm, that means a lot of working hours and resources that could work on something else. This also means expenses that can be avoided if the organization and management are outsourced.

To make things easier, faster, and efficient for you, Medsum provides end-to-end medical record organization and file management services. In addition to being one of the best medical summary providers in the USA, our firm also handles :

● Organization of medical files in chronological and procedure-wise categories.

● Reviewing of all digital patient files received from the hospital to analyze the existing documents, flag the duplicates, and open up a log for missing records, if any

● Indexing services to record doctor/healthcare provider’s name, date of procedure, procedure detail, and record type so that the files are easy to search by keyword in the future.

● Categorization of files based on the indexing results

You can organize your medical records as per

● Doctor’s name

● Date of procedure

● Healthcare provider, based on your requirement.

Malpractice and personal injury law firms need ironclad data to fight their cases and provide their clients with the verdict they deserve for their suffering. For this, they rely on accurately devised medical summaries, and that need impeccable file management, to begin with.

Medical record organization needs familiarity with hospital jargon, understanding of the medical procedure sequence to flag off important events, and knowledge of the medical summary process to create indexing accordingly.

With Medsum, one of the best medical summary providers in the USA, you can get all of this under a single roof. Medsum’s team is equipped with the US medical industry and litigation industry’s working procedures, and you will only receive expert and nuanced service from us.

Our services are also extremely confidential and HIPAA compliant. Your information is safe with us, and that is our guarantee.

An organized record brings all the cards to the table and makes the litigation process smooth. You know what you have and what you need. So you can do what you do best with the utmost confidence.

Medsum offers you the most affordable, efficient, and timesaving record organization results that you can find anywhere.

Contact The Medsum today for medical record organization and file management services.