Things to know while shortlisting a Deposition Summary Agency

Things to know while shortlisting a Deposition Summary Agency

When it comes to litigation, the smallest of processes have extreme significance and come together to form the bigger picture. For a law firm, this means that they run their resources ragged trying to cross the t’s and dot the i’s perfectly. This puts a strain on the resource, the management team, and the administration of the firm, finally resulting in a less than ideal situation.

Sounds like a day in your life? Having worked with countless legal firms across the USA, we understand and empathize with your situation. Like many would have told you before us, it is time to consider outsourcing works that do not need the involvement of your immediate legal team. It makes financial, logistical, and emotional sense.

If you are thinking about the pitfalls in outsourcing and asking yourself how to even know if the agency can handle your portfolio of cases, this blog is for you.

And to make it simple, let’s begin with the smallest of tasks – deposition summarization.

Deposition Summary Agency

Every law firm actively handling civil and criminal cases needs help in having their deposition summarized and filed for convenience. This is one service that spans across specialization. For a big firm, this also means that the volume and the demand for deposition summaries are quite high.

So if you are looking to lighten your load and explore outsourcing some of these tasks, we recommend starting with choosing the right deposition summary agency. The large volume and the accuracy needed to handle this task will tell you a lot about the agency you are getting into business with.

But how do you choose the right deposition summary agency for your law firm? Let’s find out in the next section.

Choosing the right deposition summary agency

So what should you look for when you are looking to hire a deposition summary agency?

  • Experience

This is usually the first and foremost criteria whenever anyone looks at engaging an external vendor, and there is no reason to make an exception to this. But the kind of experience you look for will definitely vary. And here, we always value quality over quantity. Instead of going by the number of years an agency has served in the industry, look at how much work they have handled. If an agency is good, chances are they have worked more in the last three years than some have in the last decade.

  • Portfolio of customers

Another criteria that will help you quantify and analyze the agency’s experience is taking a look at the portfolio of their customers. Each deposition is unique, and familiarity with your niche will make it easier for the legal team to communicate with the deposition summary agency. So take a look at who their customers are and what they handle to see if the agency will be a good fit for you.

  • Team size

Since we speak of short-listing, you need this criterion to eliminate some names and move some to the next round. Get familiar with the agency’s resource panel and understand how many people will be on your team once you onboard them. Match this up with the volume you expect to process. An agency might be amazing, but if they cannot handle the work volume, it is simply not going to work out. Better to know before than re-evaluate later.

  • Contract Terms

You would think that the last point would be price, but we strongly believe in balancing out the price point for long-term value gain. Being a legal firm, we do not have to tell you how important reading the fine print on the contract is. But we can tell you what should be a deal-breaker and not. Look for revision clauses, turnaround times, penalties in case of errors and delays, and additional charges for translation, transcription, and filing.

When you can tick off all these boxes, you are onboarding the right deposition summary agency.

Wondering where to find an agency that does all of this?

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