Using Medical Summaries to Legitimize Your Social Security Disability Claims

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Accidents can happen to anyone irrespective of age, gender, profession, or income level. Such an unfortunate incident or accident can be dangerous for someone dependent on their work-life for survival in terms of monetary benefits. 

Fortunately, if you live in the USA, the Government of the USA runs a program under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). This program allows workers to pay social security taxes on their earnings and become eligible for compensation or disability benefits if they are severely injured. The program covers people who suffer from a loss of income due to an injury or workplace accident.

Medical Side of Social Security Disability Claims

medical summary - themedsum

As with any insurance company or a government organization, there is always an abundance of pending claims and not enough workers to handle them. It is the system, and to successfully navigate it, you need to get things done by an expert to get your application error-free.

A major part of the process in the SSDI disability claims process is verifying the authenticity of the claims that come in. The SSDI takes the claim verification seriously, and any fraud discovered is strictly prosecuted. There are many factors to qualify for disability coverage. Your work term, experience, nature of the injury, income level, and several other factors matter here. Now, while most of it is easy to prove using your financial and employment records, the nature of the injury part is where it gets tricky.

The US government department that processes these claims requires your complete health records, certified by an authorized practicing medical practitioner with details on the injury that impaired your ability to work. If it is a family member applying for disability benefits due to the death of the worker, the cause of death needs to be related to the injury in question. These documents play the most significant role in your SSDI claims application.

Role of Medical Summary Firms to process your SSDI claims

Social Security Disability Claims

For a serious injury, the amount of paperwork that piles up is unimaginable. As a patient, you have the right to access your health records, including all admission reports, lab reports, test results, radiology documents, and discharge summaries. This will help you make your case to the concerned authority. But, do you think that the officers have the time to thumb through all 100+ pages in every application to determine the legitimacy? No, it’s not possible. This is where medical summary firms like The Medsum come in to save the day.

Medical summary firms like us have teams working to review the healthcare and medical records from top to bottom and understandably present them for you.

Medical summary companies :

  1. Help you apply for the relevant health records if found missing from the entire collection
  2. Read the reports to prepare a chronological summary of the documents with the important points highlighted for the reviewers’ benefit
  3. Ensure that all supporting documents are arranged acceptably and support the disability claim and chronological summary
  4. Highlight important pieces of information from the entire report to support the disability claim
  5. Prepare individual case-reports as needed
  6. Prepare supporting documents for the disability claims employing medical research and previously submitted claim forms based on our experience. 

Medical summary reports are found to be the most useful in cases of disability claims because they make it easier for the caseworker to understand, analyze, and verify the medical records submitted. It is presented attractively and lends an air of legitimacy because of the transparency. 

The easiest way to be sure of the claim you are submitting is to have it reviewed by a medical summary like us and be aware of the facts going in. That will also boost your confidence if it comes to an appeal.

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