Medical Summaries in Class Action against the Healthcare Sector

Class Action against the Healthcare Sector

We live in a capitalist world wherein every industry is monetized to the last dime. While this is good for the free market scenarios and budding entrepreneurs, this can spell doom in reality to common folks in many cases. In our society, certain industries exist to work for people’s welfare and not strictly for profit alone. One such example is the healthcare industry. Healthcare is being touted as a human right in the United States of America today. However, with skyrocketing prices and immense capitalism presence, there is great scope for exploitation and malpractice in the healthcare sector today.

Medical Malpractice in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector today is very diverse. It is a composite industry consisting of physicians, primary care providers, laboratory technicians, medical equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical industries, and other allied industries. With so many players involved, we see an increased number of cases of negligence, oversight, and malpractice,

As patients and victims, you have every right to pursue legally adequate compensation and justice for you and your family. In such scenarios, medical documents right from the admission to hospital or diagnosis till the final discharge summaries can help you prove your case. Medical malpractice cases against any healthcare company follow the basis of any malpractice case :

  1. Proving that irreparable harm has been caused by the negligence of the accused 
  2. Providing support documents for the claim
  3. Demonstrating the extent of damage suffered by the patient and their family due to the negligence
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Class Action against Healthcare Providers

Class action suits are legal cases filed by a group of people towards a particular defendant or accused of a single unifying cause. That could be against a physician or surgeon for harm caused during treatment, a testing laboratory for false or forged reports, or a corporate company that manufactures medicines or medical equipment. 

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Class action suits usually help patients get justice as it shows the law that more than one person has been affected by this, and it is not just a one-off incident. The medical documents of all these patients or victims are of prime importance here. Medical documents such as drug prescription, laboratory reports, and initial diagnosis reports coupled with physician remarks, can show a unified thread leading to the accused’s involvement in the case. 

Role of Medical Summaries in proving victims’ cases

Class action suits are always brought against large and powerful corporate companies by more than 8-10 people. In this case, the legal team representing the victims have to be on their toes with all the incriminating details. Going through and understanding the long and heavy medical documents is not the ideal solution here. 

Medical summary firms such as The Medsum provide chronologically and summarized versions of all medical reports with significant details highlighted, indexed, and cross-referenced for the legal team’s benefit. Medical summaries serve as easy-to-refer notes with decoded medical terms so that the legal team can frame their case factually and crisply. 

Medical summaries hold significance for the jury as well. Summarized, chronological, and reviewed versions of existing medical documents can help them understand the case better and form a judgment without the intimidation that usually comes from heavily medical-detail-oriented documents. Medical summaries also allow the legal teams to stay on point and cross-examine the accused on facts without getting buried in the medical details. 


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