What to do if you have been a victim of a road accident?

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What to do if you have been a victim of a road accident?

Accidents are unfortunate and unpredictable. The shock, trauma, and damage that follows any road accident are entirely unimaginable. Someone’s life can change or even stop in a fraction of a second. The saddest part of such freak accidents is that many times, justice does not get served. It is so easy to pass the blame that many drivers and insurance companies utilize the shock and helplessness of a victim to their advantage. But, it doesn’t have to be that way alone. Road accident victims and their families can get justice and compensation by following a few simple steps.

If you have been in such an accident or just want to be an aware citizen, read on as we tell you what to do if you are ever in an unfortunate incident like a road accident.

Motorcycle/ Car Accidents in the US

Many of us think that bike accidents or car accidents are freak accidents and are not so common. So, we don’t assume that we need to be aware and be cognizant of our rights when we are in one. But, if we tell you the statistics of such accidents in the US, you will be truly shocked.

In the US, a whopping 42% of bikes are involved in single person collisions, and among all road accidents, motorcycle accidents account for 11% of them. In motorcycle accidents itself, the National caution. Not wearing a helmet, speeding, manufacturing defects, DUI, and reckless driving are some of the major causes.

This should tell you about the frequency of these accidents and how a common man or a personal injury lawyer must be ready to assert their rights in these scenarios. Highway Traffic Safety Administration asserts that 80% of them result in injury or death. These are big numbers and must be treated with 

Steps to take to protect your interests in Road Accident Cases

So, the unfortunate incident happened. You, your client, or your kin have been in a road accident. Now is the time to gather your senses and take steps to protect your interest right off the bat.

Now, someone who has been in an accident will be in shock, pain, and trauma. So, we have laid three simple steps to be followed immediately.

Check into a hospital

Whatever is your state, however severe the injury may seem, this is what you should do. Lawyers, if advising clients, must have them check into a hospital immediately. If possible, call for an emergency ambulance and have them record the victim’s state, as on scene. This has medical and legal significance. Medically speaking, you may not know how severe the injury is due to the shock, and these documents are vital for any insurance company or legal trial in the later stage.

Hire a Personal injury Lawyer

You must contact a personal injury lawyer right off the bat. Even if the person responsible for the accident offers a settlement, consulting a personal injury lawyer will secure your position and improve your chances of a claim. Even if the driver agrees, insurance companies are known to play hardball, and having a personal injury lawyer with you is the best path forward.

Contact a Medical Summary Firm

When you know that your battle is going with an insurance company or a team of lawyers, the best ammunition to have is your medical documents. Medical Summary firms work with your legal team to decipher the hidden information in your medical documents, and also present a chronological summary that lays out the cause of injury clearly. This will help you fight your case with ease and secure the right judgment.

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