Types of Medical Documents Needed for your Medical Malpractice Suit

Top US Attorneys agree that medical malpractice suits are the most common, expensive, and hardest lawsuits of all. The possibility of winning the suit depends on the victim/patient proving negligence from the doctor or the medical team. To prove this beyond any reasonable doubt, you need evidence. The evidence comprises of vital medical and non-medical documents. These documents can turn around your suit and help the legal team form a legitimate and strong legal case.

So, what type of medical documents do you need? Well, let us take a look.

Types of Medical Documents

Medical Documents Types

Treatment Records

The importance of treatment records can be called self-explanatory. The treatment records right from the first emergency report to the final diagnosis and treatment, have to be documented along with the case documents. They will provide data as to what went wrong and how the entire incident took place chronologically. Treatment records will also contain doctors’ notes, nurses’ notes, lab reports, scans, and other related information that can help the patient’s chances of winning the suit. These details will help the in-house medical expert form appropriate conclusions in the court. In case you are contesting a wrongful death case, the autopsy report and death certificate containing the cause of death are crucial medical documents.

Types of Medical Documents -Treatment Records

Prescription Records

All medical malpractice files must contain drug prescription records. These records must include information from the beginning of the treatment and be up to date. Each drug prescription record has to be filed with dosage, date of prescription, number of refills, and corresponding expenses incurred

Types of Medical Documents- Prescription Records

Mental Health Records

Medical health records can be provided on a case-to-case basis. If the patient has undergone or is in any mental health-related treatment plan, this can prove vital to the malpractice case. Also, if they are in therapy post-treatment, these records will be read in conjunction with the other damages suffered by the patient. That will show the court the extent of the patients’ suffering.

Types of Medical Documents- Mental Health Records

Medical History Records

Medical history records are one of the most important medical documents used in these cases. That will show if the emergency response team received this information and if any of the doctor’s actions were in negligence and harmful to the patient keeping the history in mind. The medical history records will also help you prove that the patient was healthy before the treatment took place to demonstrate the actions of the negligent party.

Types of Medical Documents- Medical History Records

Hospital Billing Records

You must include the billing records and receipts for all payments related to the treatment. These with the treatment and prescription records will serve as concrete evidence against the medical team. These records will also leave no room for the medical team or hospital to dispute on the treatment or drugs prescribed.

Types of Medical Documents- Hospital Billing Records

Medical Summaries and Medical Documents

Did you know that most legal firms spend more time among medical records than arguing the case? Well, it’s true. Also, finding the right documents to help your case can be cumbersome. The best solution for all these is to hire a professional medical summary firm with experience in reading and summarizing all these documents in easy-to-read formats. The patient is authorized to extract their medical records, and the medical summary team can help you analyze, interpret, and peruse the medical documents without getting lost in the jargon.

Medical Summaries can also cross-reference inter-related medical records so that they can be accordingly filed for presenting in court or settlement discussions.

A professional firm like The Medsum can be a game-changer in understanding the different formats/types of medical records and tailoring the summary as per your case.

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